My Story

I’ve always enjoyed traveling and exploring new places both within the United Kingdom and abroad. My first trips abroad were on family holidays to places such as Gran Canaria, Madeira, and Cyprus.


My first trip abroad without my family was a University trip to New York, where we attended lectures but also had the chance to explore New York on our own.

In 2014 I started traveling abroad to follow my football team (Liverpool). This is when I really started to get a taste for travel. I had already travelled across the UK following Liverpool, but following them abroad was a whole new challenging experience. Having the chance to travel to new places across the world, whilst also being able to watch and support my team has been a privilege – I have been hooked ever since the first trip.

Since I met my partner Shannon, when I’m not travelling through Europe following Liverpool, I’m travelling with Shannon. We have visited numerous places, including over 10 countries, since we’ve been a couple.

Our first trip together was a surprise trip to London arranged by me. It was Shannon’s first time to London and so we went to all the tourist hot-spots and then hit the pubs.

A few months later, in September, we flew to Budapest for our first trip abroad as a couple. Budapest became one of my favourite destinations and since our first visit in 2016, I have returned there on three separate occasions.


I now regularly travel the United Kingdom and Europe with Shannon, as well as to follow my football club Liverpool FC.

Our most recent holiday had been booked for the end of March 2020 and unfortunately we had to cancel the holiday due to the coronavirus pandemic. We had booked to stay in Dubrovnik Old Town and had planned to visit some of the islands just off the coast of the port, and travel further inland to Kotor (in Montenegro) for a few days. Hopefully we will be able to rebook this holiday in the future as both of us were disappointed with the unfortunate series of events. Watch this space!