My Football Story

At the time of writing this, I’ve been to 335 Liverpool matches. I’ve seen us play in 67 different football grounds and across 16 different countries. When I first started following Liverpool as a child, I never dreamed after my first visit to Anfield I would end up travelling across the UK, Europe and the rest of the world in order to watch my team play.

Going the match

The first time I ever saw my beloved Liverpool play live was at The Valley, away from home against Charlton in February 2006. We lost 2-0. I went with a friend from school and his Dad (they supported Charlton). Not a great start to watching the reds in person!


In all the matches I’ve been to, I’ve only ever travelled to one match that has been postponed. This was my first time to Anfield to see the reds play. My Dad had made the arrangements and we travelled up from my hometown – a long 5 and a half hours on the trains. The fog was so thick on the day of the match that it was postponed and I missed out on seeing my team play. Luckily, my Dad had booked us onto a stadium tour for the next day, so the rest of the trip was not wasted.

Becoming a regular

My dad managed to get tickets again and this time the match went ahead but we lost 3-1 at home to Arsenal in the FA Cup. Despite defeat I was captivated that night by the atmosphere on the Kop, sharing the same passion with the many thousands around you as you all roar your team on. In the years that followed, my Dad would take me once or twice a season to a match at Anfield.


I started going regularly to home matches when I was at university. I’d get the 6 hour, cross-country train to Liverpool and back again on my own to the home matches. Soon I started making likeminded friends in pubs and on trains who shared the same passion for Liverpool.


The more matches I went to, the more friends I made and the more tickets I managed to attain. I started regularly attending most matches, both home and away. This led me onto my first European away match in 2014 against Real Madrid in the Champions League group stage. We lost 1-0 not a good result but a fantastic experience that I couldn’t wait to experience again.


I witnessed my team lift a trophy for the first time in 2012. We won the League Cup at Wembley on penalties in Kenny Dalglish’s second spell as manager. We then went through a frustrating spell, with regards to trophies. A few months later in 2012 we lost to Chelsea in the FA cup final.


Under Brendan Rodgers in 2014 we narrowly missed out on the league title before a miserable FA Cup semi final defeat to Aston Villa in 2015.


Then came Jurgen Klopp and in 2016 we lost the league cup final to Man City, and the UEFA Cup Final to Sevilla. In 2018 we lost the European Cup final to Real Madrid. The following season we missed out on the league title by 1 point, despite amounting the 2nd highest points total ever.


So, when we went on to win the European cup final in Madrid against Tottenham in 2019 it was a feeling of unbridled joy to see my team lift the European Cup. Since then, I’ve seen us lift the Super Cup in Istanbul and the Club World Cup in Qatar. Fingers crossed the long awaited league title won’t be far behind either!