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europe travel guides
Charles Bridge | Prague

The continent of Europe is made up of 51 different countries. One of my personal travel goals is to visit every single one and so far I have been lucky enough to visit 25, so I’m almost half way to achieving my goal.


My Europe travel guides are here to help you achieve your own individual travel goals. I have written about my own experiences of Europe to give you helpful information, as well as travel tips to help you make the best of your time and money.


There are so many wonderful cities and different cultures to dive into and explore within Europe that it’s hard to know where to begin. Hopefully my top 5 European cities will help you decide where to start.


My personal top 5 European cities, excluding the United Kingdom, are Budapest, Rome, Prague, Lisbon and Barcelona. Read my Europe travel guides to find out more information about these extraordinary cities.

My Top 5

europe travel guides

1 Budapest

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2 Rome

europe travel guides

3 Prague

europe travel guides

4 Lisbon

europe travel guides

5 Barcelona